So what turned out to be a Monday Email to my email list followers, turned into an Article because I couldn’t stop typing.

It happens every now and then.

I’ll be honest,

I hate those lists you see online where it’s;

‘5 Ways to Get Stronger’ and then they go ahead and list out 5 points without much context behind it all.

I know I’m practically doing the same thing here,

…But with a difference.

The ‘5 things’ are strategies based off ONE over-riding principle which is Energy Balance;

I’ve covered this in detail through this Article series >HERE< so I won’t repeat myself, (1)

Or if you want the cliff notes version,

Here’s a quick video I did for Instagram on the same topic;

So with that, I’ll try add some context instead of just ‘listing’ the points,

And… everything is like a progression too.

So if you’ve point one covered, you can move onto point 2 and so forth.

But first, a disclaimer…


I’m assuming here that you already Resistance Train is some format, I’m not being ignorant to that at all. Just keeping this article more Nutrition focused than training is all.

Don’t forget, training goes HAND IN HAND with this stuff and is just as important for toning up & building lean muscle tissue.

Your Diet will determine whether you lose weight, gain it or maintain it,

But your training determines whether you get strong and tone up or not.

Don’t forget that.

Ok, now let’s dive into those 4 Points.

1: Drink More Water.

How Much?

Ladies can aim for 1.5-2Litres

Men can shoot for 2.5-3Litres

Sound too easy? That’s because it’s meant to be.


Not enough people drink enough water. Most people walk around dehydrated every day without knowing it,

It’s the same with Sleep, people don’t realise how much better they can feel & perform when they get ‘more’.

Plus, if you drink more water it’ll (hopefully) have the knock on effects of eating less because you’re fuller and feeling fresher (hydrated).

2: Stop acting like a Bold Child & Tidy up your Diet.

When a place is messy, you can’t find anything.

At least without looking for ages first,

It’s same with your Diet. ‘Tidying’ it up is always an easy step forward.

What do I mean by that?

Eat less crappy stuff and more good stuff.

So if you’re starting near the Pizza Side, so what? The goal is to edge further up the line I.E: To do Better. (2)

Act like an actual Adult, you know, what you’re meant to be. Although I have a hard time at this at times, some days I still think I’m 17 which I don’t think I’ll ever lose, but I love it,

Ok back on point.

With this, you’re not only ‘limiting’ the amount of high-calorie processed stuff coming in (which will reduce calories to help shift the weight), but you’re coming aware of your Food Choices as well.

Kinda like being able to find things when you tidy up a house,

You’ve clarity to see where stuff is now 😉

So how can you start this?

If you eat a full packet of biscuits in the evening,

Why not just eat a couple instead & put the biscuits away for God’s sake?

Keep them out of sight ~ ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Or maybe that’s a bit much,

What if you eat a processed meal for Dinner 3-4 times a week?

Even reducing that to 1-2 is a massive improvement.

The point here is not to ‘eliminate’ (which is what a lot of diets promote) but rather, just limit the amount coming in & focus more on real whole foods.

The last thing you want is to restrict yourself only to binge come a few days later.

3: Eat the Magic Unicorn Food on a consistent Meal Basis 3-4 times per day 🦄


On a more serious note,

Eating enough Protein basically ensures you’ll ‘tone up’ the way you want because the thing with Protein is that it’s in a constant state of ‘turnover’,

*Side Note: It’s NOT about turning into a bodybuilder all of a sudden – if that was the case, any Man hitting the gym and eating Protein would be huge. Building Muscle is a LOT harder than people think…

(Image courtesy of

So, back to Protein Turnover, in English that means you’re either in;

– Protein Synthesis (Growth for Lean Muscle Tissue – ‘Tone’)

– Protein Breakdown (It’s now in a negative state which means it’ll burn (use) Lean Tissue instead of building it)

That’s just an easy simplification of it.

If you require ‘X’ grams of Protein per Day but you always under-eat on that target, your body isn’t given a reason to Tone Up (Build Muscle)


It also works wonder to keep you fuller for Longer due to it’s ‘Thermic Effect’ but we won’t bother diving into all that. Just know it’s great for filling you up.

How much do I need?

Without getting into the Nitty Gritty, here’s a rough starting point;

Aim for around 1.8-2.0grams of Protein per Kilo of bodyweight.

Again this is only a rough starting guideline that I want to give some context on,

We work this out for every client individually once they’ve spent weeks drilling the basics first like just eating more Protein in general compared to what they are used to.

What’s that look like?

Let’s say I’m 90kg,

That’s around 162g – 180g of Protein per day,

And considering 22-25grams of protein comes from a typical raw chicken breast (100g), it looks like a damn lot of Protein.

But like anything, it’s about adjusting to over time.

For now, focus on having a serving of Protein with each Meal.

What’s a Serving?

Ladies shoot for at least one Palm Size of a Protein Source,

Men, shoot for two on a meal by meal basis.

*Side Note: I found this Unicorn Protein Bar online, maybe there is a thing such as Unicorn Protein afterall 😂

(Image courtesy of

But back to the main principle again.

By eating more protein, you’ll feel fuller for longer, give your body a reason to build muscle (tone up) and hopefully have the knock-on effect of making you eat less calories overall which in turn will help you shift the weight and get leaner.

Hope you’re still with me,

And lastly…

4: Don’t be so ANAL about things.

While ‘Eating Clean’ seems like a great idea and it’s Healthy and all that, who are you fooling?

Just because you follow someone on Instagram that shows the perfect life,

The perfect gym selfie,

The ‘Exercise’ she’s showing you, but really it’s just the super tight pants with the Camera pointing directly at her Arse while she gives you a ‘Squat Tip’.

The perfect meal she poses beside (that took her 17 shots to get right),

And the fact that she eat’s super clean all the time.

It’s bullshit 💩

And even if someone did do that, I feel sorry for them because I can’t live life without chocolate. Not sure about you.

Anyhow, back on point,

Don’t be so fecking anal about things.

Your meals don’t have to be Gordan Ramsey approved.

But they NEED to at least suit your preferences so you enjoy them,

You DON’T need to eat super clean,

Instead, allow yourself some Flexibility so you can eat the finer things in life.

Think of it like this;

How can you go out to a social event without feeling like you’re on a diet? That’s what we want for all our clients here at Doc Fitness, plus,

I’ve gone into detail on that before in this >Article< so I won’t repeat myself here.

Moral of point No.4 – Things will never be perfect.

You don’t need to train or eat perfect, it doesn’t exist.

It’s about doing better over time & being better than you were yesterday on a consistent basis,

That won’t happen every day either,

But over time, you’ll be consistently ‘better’ than you were before.

THAT’S the goal.


I could go rambling on a lot more – But we like to drive home a couple of points that you can go away and implement straight away.

Maybe you know all this stuff already?

But yet, you know after reading it, there’s something you can now improve upon.

Or maybe you learnt nothing but even hearing the last sentence hits home for you with the goal being; ‘To do better.’

Either way, I’m confident you’ll take something from this.

Just don’t forget that this ALWAYS comes back to the Principle of Energy Balance, as long as you remain in that Calorie deficit, you’ll lose the weight. Couple that with an effective resistance training plan and it’s the recipe for getting Lean & toned the way you want.

Till’ next time… 

Stay tuned for a follow-up to this article with Part 2 coming soon.


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