With 2016 behind you ~ there should be always a point of reflection on the past Year.

No matter how Good, Mediocre or Bad a Year may have been for you – there’s always massive learning points to take away from it all and that’s why I wanted to get this blog out to you.

It’s not about Fitness related stuff, even though it’s easy for referencing but more so, what I’ve learnt as person in 2016 & how you can take some points away.

2016 was the Year where I finally got into a groove with Daily Routines, habits and consistency with most aspects of things so no doubt, those points will be the overriding theme here,

For now, in no particular order, let’s dive in…

1: Everything needs to be Viewed at the Macro Level

Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions without seeing the bigger picture or knowing the full story.

Same goes for the ‘Nutritional’ side of Fitness, if a ‘bad’ meal or day goes wrong you think it’s the end of the World, give up and go back to square one.

If you can see the bigger picture here, (A day won’t mess up a week don’t mind one meal!) you’ll be fine. Just keep on plugging away.

2: On Failure & Adversity

No growth in life comes from plain easy sailing. Failure IS GROWTH.

Any setback which you might think is the end of the world is a learning opportunity, nothing less. We’re conditioned to think negative when something goes wrong, have you ever stopped and looked at the learning curve from it instead?

Take Fat Loss for example. Two weeks go by & you don’t make progress.

You can go one of two ways – let the ‘f**k it’ mentality set in and revert back to your old ways filling your head with excuses like; “I can’t lose weight, I’m doing everything right and I just can’t.”


View it as a learning curve and what’s need to be done to make progress. “Ok, I’m obviosuly not doing something right, have slipped up somewhere or not putting in enough work. I’ll check in with a coach to see where I’m going wrong.”

3: Life is What You Make it

Similar to the above. Perspective is everything.

YOU are the one putting your thoughts into your own head daily. Life is 100% up to you.

You’re 100% responsible for you.

4: Progression Is Life

Consistent progression on all levels of life is what I strive for. Yes you won’t be able to ‘out time’ into everything, but I strive for a balance that works for me.

I strive to better myself daily no matter how big or small.

It gives your days purpose & fulfilment like you’ve never had.

Because without growing daily, you’re dying.

5: On Daily Habits & Routines

Having set routines, habits & procedures are what guide your priorities and focus daily.

It’s the easiest way to set yourself up to win, and if you don’t believe me, look at any person ‘you deem’ to be successful in any area of life and I can guarantee you they’ll have some form of routine in their day for setting themselves up to win.

Obviosuly, every day won’t go to plan – but having routines, rituals, habits or whatever you want to call them are key to continually moving forward.

It’s why if you follow me on Snapchat (hashtagdoc 😉 ) that most of my stories come from when I’m on the way back from a quick morning walk to get my brain flowing for the day – again, all routine.

6: Control you can Control

Again, another small point that ends up in people’s days being filled with necessary worry and bullsh*t.

Easiest to get this across in a scenario. So let’s say someone cuts you off on the motorway.

You either blow the horn, call them every name under the sun, and sit in a mood for the next 5 mins or potentially bring that negative vibe home.


Smile and drive on.

See, what’s done is done and there’s ZERO you can do to control what just happened so why WASTE the mental bandwidth on it?

I know it might seem small, but small daily things like this can rack up massively over time and creep into other areas of your life.

Again – control what you can control and that’s the best you can do. Focus on the controllable and nothing else.

In this scenario, you control how you react.

7: When you Feel Like Sh*t, Do Something for Someone Else.

Now this may be easier for myself than others, because helping others daily is what we do but the same principles apply.

The days where you’re just not feeling it or firing on all cylinders, help someone with something.

It can be a TINY gesture or a big one, but the main thing is to be of service to someone else.

Do that and let me know how you feel afterwards 🙂

8: Make Your Bed.

I first heard of this from Tim Ferris and even though I would make my bed anyways – I made sure I did it daily without leaving it in any way ‘messy’.

The idea behind it all is that, you start the day with a mini ‘win’ and no matter how good or bad that day has gone for you – you come home to that mini win. 

This is all psychological stuff, but it works for me. So make your bed 😉

9: Be Grateful.

Yes this has probably been done to death at this stage as EVERYONE talks about it.

Plus, you see people put up daily quotes on being grateful & I know for a fact that some of those people aren’t grateful for anything but just want to appear that way on social media. Anyhow I’m going off topic…

Gratitude for me is simple, It helps me focus on all the good in life and blocks out the sh*t that doesn’t really matter anyways.

People take life too seriously.

For fucks sake, you’ve one life. Be grateful for what you have. Help others. Focus on the number 1 priority you have (which is yourself) and keep moving forward.

There’s a reason why you’re supposed to put on the life mask on yourself first on aeroplanes in case of an emergency, so you’re in a better position to help others once you’ve helped yourself.

Anyhow, Hopefully there’s some takeaways there for you,

Just a few points floating around my head from 2016.

And if I’m honest, 2017 is no different for me or Doc Fitness, It’s all about progression and consistently getting better and I’ll never stop striving to do that.


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