So let’s talk ‘getting in shape’ & the whole concept of adopting a more sustainable approach to your Nutrition rather than being miserable thinking you need to eat dry spinach leaves all day long…

See, when you finally get your arse in gear, you think the Nutritional side of things needs to be Super Strict and that you can only eat healthy foods.

Well it’s not the case, you CAN be a lot more ‘flexible’ than you think. (I.E: Have Oreo’s wth your Salad, if that’s your thing, and STILL Tone up/Lose weight or Build Muscle)

See if there’s one thing our coaching team has learnt from coaching 100’s Doc Fitness Ninja’s (Yes, we call our members Ninja’s) – it’s that, you simply HAVE to make this a realistic, lifestyle, manageable, sustainable (or whatever word you want to put on it) approach going forward.

You’re bullsh*tting yourself if you think you can eat Super ‘Clean’ foods 24/7 and while that’s fantastic and healthy, who are you fooling?

And you know what the answer is… yourself.

So with that, I want this blog to show you how to incorporate what we call the ’80/20 Guideline’ so you can be a bit more flexible with your daily Nutrition & still make progress.


Here’s where the Health & Fitness World is backwards. Everything is viewed in black & white thinking.

Carbs are Bad.

Bread is fattening.

Chocolate is ‘bad’ and you ‘shouldn’t be eating that should you’?

And this always seems to creep over when we have someone joining Doc Fitness too,

There’s this belief that the ‘food side of it all’ needs to be daftly healthy, organic and gluten free.

And while that might work for someone (just going 100% cold turkey for a period of time to ingrain habits) in the short term,

We’re ALL about Sustainability and being realistic,

And if that means Oreo’s and Salad, or Wine & Popcorn, so be it.

(If you don’t know the Principles behind Fat Loss 101, HERE’S a good place to start)


See when you’ve the KNOWLEDGE on how to do this, food now becomes a CHOICE based on your goal.

^Read that line 10 more times and let it sink in.

Did you read it 10 more times?

Ok, just read it 3 times then.

Moving on,


Let’s pretend in order for ‘Jim’ to Lose Weight & Tone Up (While Training 3-4 times a week lifting weights) he need’s to consume 1,800k/cals per day.

(SIDE NOTE: If you don’t track calorie intake on some level, even if you keep a food log, you can see where you can ‘do this’ too. For now, stay with me.)

So he ‘thinks’ his week needs to look like this;

This is basically eating 100% Real Food across the week. Or in English, a week without chocolate ūüėČ

And while Jim WILL get results doing that (notice all his training too), he’s now questioning his sanity from all the spinach leaves and chicken breasts he’s consuming without an ounce of chocolate.

So instead, we’ll show Jim the 80/20 guideline.

80% of his Day (give or take) is Real, Whole, Nutritious, Minimally processed Foods while 20% is more along the lines or Processed stuff or foods Jim may love.

(Plus, I’ve gone into a lot more detail on the ‘hows’ behind this over on the ‘Doc Fitness Online’ BLOG here too)

So now it’s kinda like a mini revelation;

Jim still consumes in around 1,800k/cals per day and sticks to his training plan throughout the week, BUT

He’s not limited to any foods based on some daft belief he previously had around food,

He doesn’t ‘feel guilty’ anytime he eat’s some chocolate because he ‘knows he can’ if it’s controlled,

So now, Jim’s week looks like this;

So all we’re doing here is taking 20% of Jim’s daily 1,800k/cal food intake (roughly is fine)

And if you’re a numbers geek, here’s the breakdown;

20% of 1800k/cal = 360k/cal

That could be a White Magnum Ice Cream (250K/cal) followed by a 20gram bag of popcorn (100k/cal) while you’re chilling watching your latest addiction on Netflix.


If you can eyeball what needs to ‘come out’ of your daily food intake before you can pop a chocolate bar ‘in’ for example, that’s basically what you’re doing.

Saying that, you still need to know the ‘Calories’ within things like a typical chocolate bar/ice cream versus the ‘healthier’ foods you eat across a given day.

For example if you know that 30 grams (a small cupped handful) of basmati rice for example is 107 Calories (Dry Weight),

If you took this OUT of your day,

You could sub in a Solero Ice Cream for example (I know it’s around 90 Calories but this is the whole idea of being ‘roughly’ flexible – give or take is grand)

Again, at some point or another you will want to weigh out your foods and track them closely because it’s the fastest way to learning a TONNE about food, the Calories in certain foods and if you’re on track with your goals or not.

But that’s a topic for another day, hopefully you’ve taken something from this blog,

If you think any friends or family will benefit from this,

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Now, I’m off for a Solero.

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