Our Story

When we first started on a cold pitch back in October 2013, the fitness industry was slowly growing, but not necessarily in ‘a good’ way.

Gyms seemed to be all about ‘get’ as many members as possible in the door, sell you a membership and that’s it. You’ve access to the gym and it’s trainers, but you rarely, if ever, get true coaching.

You come second.

As a result, over time, you stop going and end up back at the start again.

At Doc Fitness, our mission is to change that and offer World Class coaching in a semi-private style group environment of 8-10 people so you can get the life-changing results you came here for.

The difference is; we care. You come first and get the results you came here for whilst being educated with your diet along the way so you’re never ‘confused’ around food again.

Everything we do is built on a foundation of principles and results.

We created a client-centric personal group training experience that focuses on two things;

1: You and

2: Your results

It sounds simple, but to do that you need a laser-focused vision, you need scientifically proven methods, you need world-class training and, above all, you need the right coaches that truly care for you as an individual and not just another number on a system.


Our Philosophy

Our vision for Doc Fitness is simple; to help you live a higher quality of life. With that, it means we will always stay true to our Vision, being a client-centric, results-driven gym.

At the core of this vision, there are three core principles;

1: World Class Coaching

Building a World Class coaching team comes first. Through our commitment to consistently high standards; building a knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic team is our core principle.

2: Optimum Training Environment

Having the best kit is fundamental to delivering a high quality service. From our coffee to our dumbbells, attention to detail to create the best training environment possible is taken care of for our clients.

3: Culture

We work hard to develop & maintain our community, culture & members experience here at Doc Fitness. We want this to be your ‘third’ place & it’s why it’s our third core principle.

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