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All things Strength, Training & Progression with Gar Benn

All things Strength, Training & Progression with Gar Benn


Owner of Citygym, Gar Ben from Limerick, Ireland, joins us in the very first episode of the Growth Podcast to run through all things, Strength, Training & Progression. Gar is a Precision Nutrition Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Head Strength Coach at Citygym and today we dive into all things Strength, Training in general & where to get started with it all.


  • Why bother being Strong and what that means for you
  • Where to get started when it comes to resistance training
  • The fundamental principles you need to know going forward
  • Progressing past sticking points and…

some more random but training related takeaways thrown in there too. So I hope you enjoy episode 1 as much as I did recording it!


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