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Hacking your Mindset with Pat Divilly

Hacking your Mindset with Pat Divilly


Pat is a 3 times bestselling author, speaker and transformation coach. After starting in the Fitness Space training clients in Galway, before opening his own facility, in 4 years it grew from 5 local clients to over 15,000 globally completing his online training & fat loss courses. While also being involved in numerous local Charities, Pat’s groups have raised over a quarter of a million to date and is currently in the process of building a school in Nepal. More recently he’s moved into the personal development space offering seminars, retreats and adventure trips to clients seeking life on their own terms, finding more clarity, confidence and connection in themselves.


  • Where do you start with ‘Mindset’ stuff?
  • Why it’s so important to be aware of yourself in today’s world and how that will move you forward
  • Pat’s methods for goal setting & how most people are climbing the wrong mountain
  • Pat’s 4 daily tasks to continually move forward

A lot of people see this ‘stuff’ as airy fairy, so keep an open mind and really tune into what Pat is saying because if you take these points on board, things will change for the better if you’re open to it. Enjoy ?


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Wheel of Life – Online Version

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