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How to (Easily) Lose Body Fat

How to (Easily) Lose Body Fat

Episode 20 dives into where to start when it comes to losing body fat 101;


Where do you start when it comes to losing weight? This episode breaks down the principles behind ‘how’ we lose weight & puts it into easy takeaways so you can get started to losing your first kilo. In this solo episode I go through;

  • Where people mess up when it comes to starting a weight loss journey
  • The Number #1 Principle behind how we lose, maintain or gain weight
  • What and Why Macronutrients are important when ’toning up’
  • The different levels of Nutrition including some easy practical takeaways to help you lose your first kilo

I also answer some listener questions & use analogies throughout to drive the key points home. Enjoy ?


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