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Listeners Q & A: Hypertrophy

Listeners Q & A: Hypertrophy

Episode 26 is a solo Q & A episode with David around your questions on everything Muscle Gain (Hypertrophy) ??

What David covers in this Episode

With episode 26 being a solo Q & A episode, the main questions centered around Muscle Gain (Hypertrophy) ?? With that, there were 3 Main questions covered;

  • What’s more important (for hypertrophy), rep ranges, frequency or volume?
    • David covers the key concepts around muscle hypertrophy here
    • What’s the #1 most important factor above everything else
    • How to roughly structure this into your training
  • What are the differences in Nutrition & Exercises for someone who is bulking or cutting?
    • Why I don’t like the terms bulking & cutting ? And what terms are ‘better’ to use
    • Why HIIT sessions may not be as ‘effective’ as you think for fat loss
  • Can you build muscle & lose fat at the same time?

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