Listeners Q & A: Maintenance & More Protein

Podcast   •   Mar 29, 2019

On Episode 27, David answers listeners questions around;

1: Can I make progress at Maintenance?

2: Why can’t I stay losing fat consistently over the Year?

3: How do I get in more Protein?

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What David covers in this Episode

For this solo Q & A episode, the questions were focused on Fat Loss ‘Phases’ & Getting more Protein into your Diet;

  • Can I make progress at Maintenance?
    • Why ‘fat loss’ isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to your health & fitness.
    • Why Maintenance phases NEED to be part of your overall fat loss journey.
    • The progress you can make at Maintenance
  • Why can’t (or should I) stay losing Fat for the whole Year?
    • Leading from Q1, here, we stress the psychological & physiological benefits of planned maintenance phases.
    • How dieting can cause Metabolic Adaptation and what to do about it so you can continue losing fat.
  • How do I get more Protein into my Day?
    • Where to look first when it comes to Protein intake.
    • How ‘high-protein snacks’ fit into your day.
    • Why ‘WHEY Protein’ is a no brainer supplement if you’re struggling with protein intake.

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