Movement Gains & Longevity with Mark McGroarty

Podcast   •   May 30, 2019

Episode 30 sees Movement Scientist Mark McGroarty from Human Centred Movement come on the show to dive into topic of Movement Training & it’s importance when it comes Strength & Muscle gains. We cover areas around;
  • Why is Movement so important?
  • Mistakes people make when it comes to ‘movement’ with their training in the gym
  • Where do you ‘get started’ when it comes to movement training and how you can easily fit it into your programme without using extra time
  • Why ‘Rotational Movements’ should be something you do every day for long term health and training gains

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Guest Bio

Mark is a Movement Scientist that’s part of the HCM Team (Human Centred Movement). HCM is comprised of a Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach and a Movement Scientist (Mark). They are a multidisciplinary team that can flow seamlessly together to give the best-personalised care and experience to each of our clients.

And what is HCM’s goal?

“We help you to optimise your movement, prevent and resolve pain and injury, recover better and faster while training smarter.”

You can read more about Mark & the HCM team here:

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