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Aggressive Fat Loss, Hormones & Dairy with Martin MacDonald

Aggressive Fat Loss, Hormones & Dairy with Martin MacDonald

Clinical Performance Nutritionist, Public Speaker and Founder of the Mac-Nutrition Collective, Martin MacDonald joins us for Episode 38 to cut things clear when it comes to Aggressive Fat Loss phases, Hormones & Fat Loss and some evidence-based facts around Dairy.

  • Do Hormones affect Fat Loss? And if they do, how so?
  • Why aggressive fat loss phases are perfectly fine if you’re ready to do them.
  • What the science says behind aggressive fat loss phases
  • What the science says behind Dairy
  • Why people believe Netflix over Science
  • And lastly, we touch on the Menstrual Cycle & Fat Loss

Guest Bio


Martin is the founder of the Mac-Nutrition Collective, including Mac-Nutrition Uni; the UK’s first ever evidence-based, nutrition course that can be completed fully online.

Martin has been a clinical performance nutritionist to British Weight Lifting, and worked as a consultant to governing bodies such as Universal Pictures and Derby County FC.

“But, who am I really?

I’m a devoted father, who loves nutrition and loves educating others through social media and public speaking.”

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