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Talking to Yourself with Seamus Fox

Talking to Yourself with Seamus Fox

Gym owner, business coach and Mindset & Performance coach Seamus Fox joins us on episode 41 to discuss the stories we tell ourselves on a daily basis so we can change the ‘input’ for a better ‘output’. A powerful mindset-based episode that will get you thinking on how you can make slight tweaks to your thoughts for the better. We discuss;

  • How your current results reflect your current habits & beliefs
  • What is a Belief and how you can start to change it
  • How your mind is like a Machine and what that means for you
  • How your beliefs hold you back from getting the results you want
  • How athletes and non-sport playing people alike can benefit from less ’negative’ thinking

Guest bio

Seamus has been involved in the fitness industry now for almost 15 years as a personal trainer and coach, in that time he has helped impact the lives of 1000s through his love for health and fitness. He has worked with and coached premier league footballers, professional boxers and countless others to help them achieve the goals they want.
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