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Supercharge your Sleep with Chris Bundell

Supercharge your Sleep with Chris Bundell

Episode 43 sees Father & Head Coach at SC Vital Fitness Chris Bundell come on the show to dive into the importance of Sleep. This is one, if not the most, important episode I’ve ever recorded. Chris breaks down Sleep into easy to take away gems so you realise just how important sleep is. But not only that, he provides you with simple Real-World tips to start improving your Sleep so you can become more productive, get stronger/fitter faster and lose fat easier.We dive into;

  • Why Sleep is the elixir of life
  • What ‘Sleep Pressure’ is and why is matters
  • Chris’s 6 Real-World practical takeaway steps that you can use to start getting better sleep

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Guest Bio

Sleep Educator, S & C Coach and Head Coach at SC Vital Fitness in Portsmouth UK, Chris focuses on the fundamentals of performance and health for his clients. Outside of his day to day coaching, Chris also focuses on supporting athletes with effective S&C coaching and sleep habits, so they can have long successful sporting careers.


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