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Game day Nutrition for GAA with Mark Germaine

Game day Nutrition for GAA with Mark Germaine

Episode 46 of the podcast sees performance nutritionist for Dublin senior hurlers, researcher and lecturer Mark Germaine come on the show to dive into performance nutrition & more specifically, game-day nutrition so you can get the most from your performance on the field for GAA.

We discuss;

  • What to do the days before a game, game day itself & the 24-48 hours after
  • What supplements Mark utilises with his athletes
  • What simple steps you can apply to get the most from your game day nutrition so you can perform at your highest

Guest Bio

Mark Germaine is a Performance Nutritionist (SENr) currently working with the Dublin Senior Hurling team, Dublin U20’s football team, Dublin U20’s hurlers and a number of elite professional boxers, in addition to his role as a researcher in the School of Health and Human Performance in Dublin City University.
He completed his Masters degree in Sport Nutrition from Liverpool John Moores University, where he also picked up the Don MacLaren Award for the research he conducted during his time there. Finally, Mark is the co-chair for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Combat Sport Special Interest Group, who put out content as it relates to combat sport and weight cutting, and also host an annual meeting at the annual ACSM event in the USA. As such, Mark’s interest lie in Performance Nutrition and developing nutritional strategies to augment athletic performance, improve athletic recovery, enhancing the adaptive response to training stimuli and weight cutting sports.

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