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Nutrition, Fat Loss & The Menstrual Cycle with Kate McDaid

Nutrition, Fat Loss & The Menstrual Cycle with Kate McDaid

Episode 48 sees performance nutritionist and owner of NutriKate Kate McDaid join us on the show to dive into all things nutrition for fat loss, performance and the menstrual cycle.We dive into;

  • Mistakes ladies make when it comes to fat loss nutrition
  • Nutritional considerations for fat loss and health
  • Why you don’t ‘need’ to go Vegan
  • The importance of maintenance nutrition
  • Nutritional considerations for your menstrual cycle

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Guest Bio

Kate studied Food Science at the University of College Dublin before following her ambition and moving to the UK to complete an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition at Loughborough University. She landed a position in a nutrition consultancy over there quickly progressing to Senior Health and Performance Nutritionist where she started to build an extensive portfolio working with professional sports teams, elite sporting scholars, corporate clients, charity organisations, weight-loss and health seeking individuals. She took this experience back to Ireland with her in 2017 and founded NutriKate, a high performance nutrition consultancy that is based in Dublin.

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