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How to Keep Progressing with Tom Hamilton

How to Keep Progressing with Tom Hamilton

Episode 49 sees coach & owner of Lift Strong, Look Strong Tom Hamilton join us on the show to dive into the topic of how to keep your training progressing well past the beginner stages.

We dive into;

  • What do you need to do past your first 1-2 years of consistent training to keep training progression going without hitting plateaus
  • What has helped Tom adhere to his training over the years & keep him motivated
  • Tom’s philosophy around training

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Guest Bio

Tom is the owner of Lift Strong, Look Strong, an online training & nutrition coaching service that trains athletes and coaches alike and currently is a coach & programme manager at W10 personal training gym London. Tom has been in the fitness industry since 2011. He has helped hundreds of people to get stronger, feel and look better with his coaching system, working with a wide range of clientele from helping beginners and intermediates with their training to working with elite level athletes.

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