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Considerations for Lean Gaining & Fat Loss Phases with Eric Helms

Considerations for Lean Gaining & Fat Loss Phases with Eric Helms

Episode 56 sees co-founder and chief science officer of Team 3D Muscle Journey, Eric helms join us on the show to discuss some considerations around fat loss and lean gaining phases.

We dive into;

  • How do you get lean
  • How to maintain being lean
  • Why committing to the long haul is key to long term progress
  • Getting past the mental barriers with weight gain and fat loss phases
  • How to stay motivated & keep enjoyment with your training
  • The cheat sheet for lean gaining and fat loss phases

Guest Bio

Eric is the co-founder and chief science officer for Team 3D Muscle Journey, chief author of the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books, co-founder and contributor to Monthly Applications in Strength Sport research review, co-host of Iron Culture Podcast, and a Strength & Conditioning Research Fellow in the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand, at Auckland University of Technology.

Eric completed his PhD in strength and conditioning and holds two master’s degrees, one in exercise science and the other in sports nutrition.

His work is focused on training and nutrition interventions to support athletes in their respective sports; bodybuilders, powerlifters and other strength athletes. And, is also a multi-discipline sport scientist/practitioner himself!


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