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Food Guilt, Setting Expectations & Self Doubt with Didi Ferrari

Food Guilt, Setting Expectations & Self Doubt with Didi Ferrari

Episode 63 sees nutritionist, online coach & head of Nutrition at Marchon Gym Didi Ferrari join us on the podcast to dive into food guilt, setting expectations and self-doubt.

We cover;

  • Didi’s philosophy around food
  • Approaching Christmas without food guilt
  • Training during holiday period’s
  • Rest day guilt
  • Why you don’t need to wait until the new year to start looking after your health and fitness
  • Managing self-doubt & overwhelm
  • Setting expectations for yourself

Guest Bio

Didi is the Head of Nutrition at Marchon which is an online and semi-private based training facility in Harpenden UK which work with everyday clients and athletes to get them to their body composition and performance goals.

Marchon specialises in habit and behaviour change aiming to offer a bespoke service to mould nutrition around the individuals lifestyle. They also run 6 week group coaching courses for fat loss and muscle growth.

Most importantly, Didi is passionate about all things pick n mix and fitness related!

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