Paddy came to us lacking in confidence because he knew his gym work & diet wasn’t really getting him anywhere, even though he felt he was putting in the work.

Fast forward 6 weeks later after his initial DocFit6 6-week programme and he’s a new man. Here’s Paddy’s own words below;

What kind of position were you in before you started?

I had been going to the gym by myself for years but I had built it up in my head that I was progressing even though I had plateaued years ago.

I had convinced myself that I knew best and that I didn’t need help and that I could keep going it alone. It was only one day in the gym that I realised that I had been stuck doing roughly the same weight for the same reps for a long period of time and that I hadn’t progressed at all and I was wasting my time.

The hardest part for me was accepting that I needed help and to hand control over to someone else but once I got it clear in my head “why” I wanted to join this programme it made it easier.

I think people have a reluctance to seek help and guidance when it comes to fitness, but it makes things so much easier and you progress so much more than by yourself.

Why did you want to do this Programme?

I joined because I wanted to lose body fat for Gaelic Football, as I felt that I was carrying too much weight and that it was impacting on my performance on the pitch.

The secondary reasons why I wanted to do this programme was that I felt I had lost some body confidence in myself and that was beginning to impact on my overall confidence.

The final reason was I felt I needed the accountability and guidance to keep me focused and disciplined in terms of my diet but also to have structured workouts to allow me to progress & become stronger overall.

What kind of Results have you got to date? And what kind of impact has this had on your life?

I lost over 3kg, I’m at the leanest I have been in years, I’ve put on muscle and I’ve progressed more in terms of strength and performance over the past few weeks with Doc Fitness than I did by myself for the past few years.

It’s easy to focus on the physical results, but the overall mental well-being results are equally if not more important to me. I’ve gotten my body confidence back and as a result, I’ve become more confident and improved my mental health.

What’s the best thing about coaching with the Team at Doc Fitness?

It’s the structure, guidance, knowledge and accountability that they provide.

There’s no bullshit or nonsense, it’s all structured on evidence-based research.

They instil in you the importance of implementing long-term dietary and fitness habits rather than short term fixes. Doc Fitness is very much orientated around the individual and ensuring that they succeed in the long-term by educating on what structures and changes are required to improve your overall fitness and well-being in the long-term.

What would you say to anyone sitting on the fence to get coaching with Doc Fitness Online?

The hardest thing is to make a start and to accept to yourself that you need help.

My regret is that I didn’t swallow my pride sooner and seek help and guidance. I’m leaner and stronger than I ever have been and I’m playing my best football in years.